Giring Aku Ingin Jogja

Ki Ageng Leads is a descendant of Brawijaya IV Retna Mundri, who lived in the sixteenth century. From his marriage with Nyi Gutters Warih birth to two children, namely Rara Amber and Ki Ageng Wanakusuma which later became Ki Ageng Leads IV.

Search Kraton Mataram revelation was allegedly at the direction of Sunan Kalidjaga to Ki Ki Ageng Ageng Leads and archery. Ki Ageng Sleigh told sepet plant (dried coconut husk), which later grew into a palm tree that produces degan (young coconut). While Ki Ageng Pemanahan doing penance in Semampir Flower (Flower enclosed), Bake, Gunung Kidul.

According wisik 'whisper supernatural' is obtained, the water belongs to Ki Ageng Leads degan it should be drunk saendhegan (and exhausted) that can later be lowered king. Therefore Ki Ageng Leads stroll to field first so thirsty and thus he could spend it with degan water to drink (saendhegan). But unfortunately, when Ki Ageng Leads were in the fields, archery Ki Ageng who had just returned from imprisoned in Flower COPIES stop at his house, in a state of thirsty he drank the coconut water it down with a drink.

How disappointed and feeling Ki Ageng Leads masygulnya see the fact that he could do nothing, but he conveys the intent to Ki Ageng archery that one of the children could have contributed to the decline in the future kings of Mataram. Of deliberation obtained agreement that the descendants of Ki Ageng Leads will be given the opportunity to be the king of the land of Java in the offspring of the seventh.

Another version states that Ki Ageng Leads when tirakat obtain Mataram in Kali Gowang Revelation. The term is said to originate from gowang moods are disappointed (gowang) for failing degan drinking water by having Ki Ageng archery preliminaries. Aku Ingin Jogja, This suggests that the opportunity to become king of Mataram vanished, long-lived hope that perhaps can be enjoyed on the seventh generation.

That means that after the descent Ki Ageng Pemanahan the 6th, or stepping on the 7th, it is possible for the descendants of Ki Ageng Leads to become king. Is Prince Puger became king after 6 offspring of archery? We see pedigree below.

Puger became king of Mataram after defeating Amangkurat III. If the calculation of the number 6 is considered less fair, reasonable is 7, it can be calculated that reigned Raden Mas Martapura an instant before his throne submitted to Raden Mas Stimulation (Sultan Agung). So the family took place after the turn of the king's descent 7 Ki Ageng archery.

Evidence that indeed Puger Leads offspring can be seen in the Chronicle Nitik Sultan Agung. The Chronicle tells us that on one occasion parameswari Amangkurat I, Queen of Labuan, gave birth to a deformed baby. Along with the wife of Prince Arya Wiramanggala, Kajoran descent, who is a descendant Leads, gave birth to a healthy baby and handsome. Amangkurat know Panembahan Kajoran as a pastor that powerful and can heal the sick. Therefore handicapped son who was taken into Kajoran to request healing. Kajoran feel that this is a good opportunity for celebrating his descendants. Wiramanggala cleverly baby boy who had returned to Amangkurat I (exchanged) by stating that successful recovery efforts.

Already destined that Amangkurat III, the son of a replacement Amangkuat II ugly character and fared Be opened the way for Pangran Puger to seize the throne.